In this article will will discus about iam tongi net worth, age height etc.. We will sea iam tongi net worth by year wise.
Iam tongi was winner season 21 of American Idol in May 2023. He is song writer and a best singer.

Iam tongi net worth 2024

Iam tongi’s nett worth around $800,000 as of 2024. He is got fame from american idol season 21. He won $250,00 in American idol.
american idol top 5 contestant  – Zachariah Smith, Megan Danielle,, Iam Tongi, Wé Ani and Warren’s Mesmerizing Duet, Colin Stough.

Iam tongi net worth

What is iam tongi nationality?

Iam tongi from Kahuku, Hawaii. After got fame american idol iam tongi, people want to know about iam tongi nationality and author facts.

What is iam tongi age

He was born September 1, 2004. Now iam tongi age is 19 year 6 month. He is younger winner of American idol season 21.

 What is iam tongi weight

Iam tongi’s weight is 104 kg.

What is iam tongi real name

Tongi’s real name is William “Guy” Tongi. Iam tongi is nick name. 

How tall is iam tongi

iam tongi american idol’s height is 170 cm (5 feet 7 inches).


Does Iam Tongi has siblings?
He has to older brothers Lerod and Sitaleki

What does IAM get for winning American Idol?
American Idol winners get money and a record deal with Hollywood Records. First, they get $125,000. Then, after making a full album, they get another $100,000. In total, they get $250,000.

What happened to Iam Tongi’s dad?
After Tongi’s dad died because his kidneys stopped working, Tongi felt really sad. But his mom, Lillie, wanted to cheer him up. She secretly signed Tongi up for American Idol Season 23 auditions. Tongi didn’t know until just a few days before.

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